Severe Headaches, 4/27/2021

I had LASIK about 19 years ago at age 27. Afterward I suffered a severe migraine that lasted 2 months. I felt dizzy and had trouble seeing in low light and at night. Fast forward to me now being 46. Over the last 19 years, I have been depressed and suffering debilitating headaches due to my left eye not seeing properly in dim light. It feels like I have lived with one contact lens on leaving the other eye “uncorrected”. I finally was told what was wrong. My pupil is larger than the correction area from LASIK. When I was administered a “P drop” I saw perfectly. Sharp as a pin in dark light. I cried. If only it was permanent. The drop wears off after a few hours and I cannot use it constantly because of my eye shape with my astigmatism. I still have issues to this day and it has cost me countless medical bills, MRIs of my brain, countless eye doctor visits and vision that cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts, only a P drop, that wears off and I can only use intermittently. LASIK ruined my life.